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CRP cover maintenance reminders

By Ryan Castle

Date Modified: 05/08/2012 9:56 AM

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CRP Contract shareholders are responsible to control weeds and restore failed or damaged cover on CRP acres. However, acres enrolled in CRP are not eligible for cosmetic or periodic mowing at any time, unless the mowing is prescribed in your CRP plan.

Maintenance practices prescribed in your CRP plan such as interseeding, disking, mowing or spot spraying must be conducted before or after the primary nesting season. If you need to conduct emergency maintenance during the primary nesting period, then you must obtain written permission from the FSA County Committee before treating the affected acres. Weed control must be done by spot treatment only on the areas affected. The primary nesting season starts on May 15 and continues until Aug. 1 of every year.

During the primary nesting and brood rearing season, the County Committee cannot authorize haying and grazing on CRP acres. In addition, scheduled mid-contract management practices should not be conducted during the nesting season. Check with your local FSA Office before you complete any maintenance on CRP acres.