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Mosbeck's photograph featured in Farm Bureau speech

By Jean Caspers-Simmet

Date Modified: 01/14/2014 1:12 PM

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DES MOINES —Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill featured 17-year-old Allison Mosbeck's photograph, "The Light of Change," in his speech to members during the recent IFBF annual meeting in Des Moines.

The convention theme was "Generations of Innovation."

Hill said that when he thinks of the promise of innovation he thinks of Mosbeck's photo.

Mosbeck, of Fairfax, won the "Celebration of Iowa: Agriculture Art Award" at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.

"The picture shows us small hands, cradling nature," Hill said. "Some would say that the purity of the white in the garment represents the pure spirit of our children; it reminds us all that the future of farming needs inspiration. Inspiration is the foundation of innovation."

Hill said agriculture needs new ideas and creative approaches for the next generation of renewable energy, seed genetics to help grow food in turbulent weather and advances in livestock food safety and conservation.

"The young hands cradle a light bulb, which the artist would say represents the light that must shine the way for the next generation," Hill said. "We must be open to it."

The young seedling in the light bulb represents fragile land that farmers nurture for the next generation, Hill said.

"The young hands in this picture also remind us that hard work is our heritage, and there isn't a farmer in this room who is afraid of a little dirt when getting a job done," Hill said. "It will take the light of innovation, being open to it, to get us to where the world needs us to be in 2014 and beyond."

Mosbeck is a junior at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids.

"The light bulb represented a new idea around this new seedling," Mosbeck said.

The seedling and soil in the photo actually are inside the light bulb.

"I found a tutorial on the Internet about how to take apart a light bulb, and I broke several of them before I got it apart and back together," Mosbeck said.

Her photograph was displayed at the IDALS booth in the Varied Industries Building at the state fair.

"I got a call from the Iowa Farm Bureau that they wanted to display my photograph at their annual convention, and then one day, Craig Hill called and asked me to be part of this presentation," Mosbeck said.

Hill introduced Mosbeck during his speech.

"It was very incredible," Mosbeck said. "I feel lucky to have received so much recognition and publicity. It's awesome."